Membrane MicroBalm - Pillow Packs (5ml) X10

Membrane MicroBalm - Pillow Packs (5ml) X10

Wound Healing Salve - Plasma Lift/Fibroblast, Micropigmentation and Tattoos.

10 MicroBalm Pillow Packs - 5mls/ea.

MicroBalm is used for every stage of conventional, cosmetic and/or para-medical tattooing. MicroBalm provides optimal hydration, and creates a soft workable canvas for the artist to work.

As a pre- and post-care salve MicroBalm serves as an important tool for optimizing the outcome of tattoo treatments. A100% natural formulation with a pleasant fragrance derived from all-natural ingredients, MicroBalm’s curative properties support the delicate healing process while maintaining the skin’s existing nutrients. These elements foster exceptional wound care and provide a clean, stabilizing breathable barrier. MicroBalm reduces itching and maintains moisture while it feeds the skin nourishment without clogging pores or leeching color.

MicroBalm has been infused with hand-selected, fresh, natural and organic ingredients such as select herbs, oils, energy-packed chlorophyll, antioxidants and other key ingredients with anti-bacterial and hydrating properties which calm inflammation, soothe the skin and reduce the risk of infection.

Directions for use: Wash hands thoroughly b
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